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The motherboard schematic for Acer TravelMate P653-M, Acer TravelMate P653-V laptop/notebook, Wistron BAD50-HC Mainboard
CPU: Intel IVY/SNB Bridge + DDR3
Discrete VGA Nvidia N12P -GS/GLP

Chipset: Intel PCH Panther Point
Project code : 91.4UP01.001
Project Name: BAD50_HC
PCB No      : 11288
PCB Version     : -1
Document Number: BAD50-HC
Rev: -1
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 109
File size: 2.53MB
Price: $12.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Acer TravelMate 8573 laptop/notebook, Wistron BAD50-HR Mainboard
CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge FSB: 1066 MHz + DDR3
Discrete VGA Nvidia N12P GV/GS

Chipset: Intel PCH Cougar Point
Project code : 91.4NM01.001
Project Name: BAD50_HR
PCB No      : 10309
Revision     : SC
Document Number: BAD50-HR
Rev: SD
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 109
File size: 2.12MB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic diagram for Acer TravelMate 5744 laptop/notebook, PEGATRON BIC50 Mainboard , BA52_CP Colay Schematic
Chipset: PCH 
Project Name: BIC50
REV: 2.0
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 67
File size: 1.22MB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for  Acer TravelMate 540 laptop/notebook,
CPU: Intel Northwood
North Bridge: ATI-RC300M + ATI-M9+X/M10C
South Bridge: ATI-SB200
OEM: Compal Electronics, Inc.
File Name: LA-1861
Title: SCHEMATIC, M/B LA-1861
Document Number: 401257
Rev: 0E
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 61
File size: 1.18MB
Price: $7.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for  Acer TravelMate 740 laptop/notebook,
CPU: Mobile Tualatin
North Bridge: Almador-M GMCH
South Bridge: ICH3-M
OEM: Acer Incorporated
Document Number: Acer Flamingo
Rev: SB
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 38
File size: 968KB
Price: Free Download
Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Acer TravelMate 5335, Acer Aspire 5336, Acer Aspire 5736 laptop/notebook, PEW52 Mainboard Compal LA-6634P
CPU: Intel Penryn
North Bridge: Intel Cantiga
South Bridge: Intel ICH9-M
OEM: Compal Electronics
File Name :  LA6634P
Model Name : PEW52 DDRII
Document Number: PEW52 M/B LA-6634P Schematic
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 44
File size: 1.30MB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram: