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The motherboard schematic for Dell Vostro 3446 laptop/notebook, Wistron Janus HSW 40/50/70 Mainboard
CPU: Intel Broadwell ULT  28W (UMA)/15W (DIS) + DDR3L
Discrete VGA NVIDIA  N15V-GM-S-A2

OEM: Wistron Corporation
Project code : 4PD00I010001
PCB P/N: 13302-1
Revison:  A00
Document Number: Janus HSW 40/50/70
Rev: A00
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 104
File size: 2.09MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Ultrabook, Wistron BMW Z4 DIS Mainboard
CPU: Intel Ivy/Sandy Bridge 17W
Discrete VGA AMD  Thames Pro

Chipset: Intel PCH Panther Point
OEM: Wistron Corporation
Project code : 91.4UV01.001
PCB P/N: 48.4SB02.011
Revison:  11289-1
Document Number: BMW Z4 DIS
Rev: A00
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 105
File size: 1.79MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Quanta TWD DIS/UMA Mainboard
CPU:  Intel Ivy Bridge + DDR3
Nvidia N13P-GLR/N13P-GSR (128bit)
Chipset:  Intel Cougar/Panther Point
OEM:Quanta Computer Inc.
Project: TWD (Chief River)
Rev: A
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 42
File size: 1.53 MB
Price: $10.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Dell Inspiron 11-3147 laptop/notebook, Wistron Redwood 11.6″
CPU: Intel Bay Trail-M +DDR3L
Project code : 4PD00K010001
PCB P/N      : 13270
Revision     : -1
Document Number: Redwood 11.6
Rev: A00
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 102
File size: 1.67MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 laptop/notebook,  Quanta U82 Mainboard
Chipset: Intel Shark bay ULT+ DDR3L

OEM:Quanta Computer Inc.
Project: U82
Rev: 1A
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 40
File size: 801 KB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram:

The motherboard schematic for Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S2 laptop/notebook,  ZIVY0 Mainboard Compal LA-A921P, 
CPU: Intel Shark Bay Haswell ULT + DDR3L
OEM: Compal Electronics, Inc.
Model Name: ZIVY0
File Name: LA-A921P
Document Number: LA-A921PR01
Rev: 1.0
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 37
File size: 0.98MB
Price: $11.5

Block Diagram: